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Discover the most Instagrammable spots
Dublin Sightseeing Photography Tour

Dublin Sightseeing Photography Tour

Explore Dublin's most instagrammable places with PicTours. This is a Dublin sightseeing photography tour with a modern twist.
Edinburgh Sightseeing Photography Tour

Edinburgh Sightseeing Photography Tour

Explore Edinburgh's most instagrammable spots with PicTours. This is a modern twist on an Edinburgh sightseeing photography tour.
Cork Sightseeing Photography Tour

Cork Sightseeing Photography Tour

Explore Cork's most instagrammable spots with PicTours. Take our Cork sightseeing photography tour with a modern twist.

What's a PicTour?

Voted #1 Photography Experience on TripAdvisor

Learn Photography

Our mission is to help people shoot amazing Instagrams, learn photography techniques and Instagram tips.


Discover the most Instagrammable spots and enjoy hearing stories about the local area.

Expert Guides

Each guide is a low level Instagram influencer who takes you to 5-7 spots over 90 minutes, including hidden gems.

Our Locations

Across the UK & Ireland

Instagram + Travel Tips

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Navigating the Instagram algorithm can feel like trying to solve a mystery. For content creators, businesses, and casual users alike, understanding how this algorithm works is key to...

Mastering Lens Flare in Phone Photography: Tips and Tricks

Lens flare can transform ordinary photos into extraordinary pieces of art, adding a touch of magic and drama. With the power of modern smartphones, creating stunning lens flare...

Explore the Best Photo Spots in Louth with PicTours

Are you a photography enthusiast or simply looking to capture some beautiful moments on your next trip? Louth, a picturesque county in Ireland, offers a treasure trove of...

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