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Our story began in Montenegro in September 2018 where I was on holiday with a friend.

We were at the Bay of Kotor, which is a beautiful mix of mountains, forests and lakes, it blew our minds and drank our senses. Sometimes in life, you visit locations that make you think and feel unique, I’ve heard the same thing about the Grand Canyon and experienced it with Cliffs of Moher. 

For Kotor, we didn’t know the best spots or Instagram features which showcased our amazing reality, we wanted to share a slice of the stunning views with friends at home. We took our average picture and shared online, my memory sparkled with the view but it was never matched with our image. 

We then looked on in regret as we saw pictures from subsequent travellers in better spots after we had left. It turns out there was a specific viewing spot that gave the best picture, unfortunately we missed this. We were sipping a few beers beside the lake while we talked about the problem and came to the conclusion that you needed local knowledge and Instagram expertise to recreate that vista.

Nothing happened after we went home but it played on my mind as a problem that needed a solution. I enjoyed travelling and having a photo as a memory but knew without local knowledge or better Instagram skills that I could never replicate the image in my head onto a screen. 

I was walking in Phoenix Park in Dublin one day in January 2019 when it hit me. A walking tour of the spots with a local Instagram expert to help me get the best picture at the prime spots and use all the features to their best effect. It would be no match for reality but a good substitute! Thus Instagram Tours was born. 

I scurried home to build out a business plan and started talking to experts to take advice. I’m especially thankful to my brother Niall Mulloy who did the website/technical build and gave plenty of advice. We also put an advert online to get our first “InstaGuides” to give the tour and were overwhelmed with the response. It was hard to narrow it down but eventually we started off with 4 experts, each with different passions and interests. 

There was plenty of bumps and hurdles along the way to make this dream into a reality but we launched our website on the 24th of August 2019.

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