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Planning to travel to Edinburgh?

Enjoy a visit to Edinburgh for beautiful architecture, gorgeous green spaces, and access to the iconic Highlands and lochs of Scotland. This capital city is a beloved favourite that you won’t want to miss!

Make sure you take the best pics while visiting Edinburgh by joining us on our Edinburgh PicTours! We’ll take you to the best Insta-worthy spots in the city and also show you some photography tips and tricks so you go home with awesome pics.

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Why You Need to Visit Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city is a true beauty. For photographers, it’s hard to go anywhere in Edinburgh without a camera at the ready — every turn reveals another stunning view!

With two areas of the city dubbed UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you’re guaranteed to enjoy wonderful architecture and historic beauty.

And, of course, there’s Edinburgh Castle resting atop a volcanic rock overlooking the whole city!

Take on any of the several hills from which to enjoy vistas and sunsets and you’ll see why Edinburgh has inspired countless writers and artists over the centuries.

If you like exploring lesser-known spots, then head away from the city centre along the Water of Leith to see villages along the way until you reach Leith itself. The Royal Yacht Britannia is there for fans of The Crown, while an eclectic food and drink scene attracts locals and visitors in-the-know.

In the summer, do as the locals do and relax in Princes Street Gardens. Come August, dabble in all of the fun festival events across the city. And at Hogmanay — that’s New Year’s Eve to most of you — celebrate at one of the world’s largest parties right here in Edinburgh!

We’d love to share our favourite photo spots across the city — join us for an Edinburgh InstaTour.

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