How to combine your Tiktok with your Instagram

The social media universe is witnessing two major platforms competing to emerge as the best short-video app for its users. While some months back, Tiktok was ruling as the undisputed king of creating short-lived video content, the introduction of Reels by Instagram has turned the tables.

As more and more users are turning towards Reels due to the alleged banning of Tiktok by some countries, here is how users can combine the two platforms seamlessly.

How to Post Tiktok videos on Instagram

Most users have begun uploading their Tiktok videos on Reels for better reach and exposure. This can be achieved with simple steps:

  • Open Tiktok app and click on the + icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you may upload a video here or record one by pressing the red button in the centre.
  • Once you are done recording or uploading from your gallery, you need to press “Next” option.
  • Now you get options to edit the video, on finishing this tap on “Next” again.
  • This opens a window where you need to fill in “who can view the video” option. Click on “Private” or “Public” option based on your choice.
  • Located at the bottom, click on Instagram icon and press “Post” to post your content.
  • The video shows up in your Tiktok and in a few seconds, you get another window with “Feed” and “Stories” option of Instagram.
  • Select the appropriate option and click “Share” to get the video on your Instagram.

Alternatively, you can also upload an old Tiktok video to your Instagram. Just download your old videos of Tiktok, save it in your phone gallery and then upload on Instagram Reels directly from there. 

How to Link Instagram and Tiktok

A lot of influencers admit that their Instagram followers increased manifold on creating a Tiktok account and being active on the platform. Users can easily flock their Tiktok followers to Instagram by using a built-in tool that allows hassle-free linking.

Here is how you connect your Instagram to Tiktok:

  • Open the Tiktok App and press the “Edit Profile” box. 
  • A window opens giving you various option wherein you can find “Instagram” option too. Tap on the option and insert your Instagram Id or handle and Viola! Your Instagram profile is linked to your Tiktok.

The ball can be rolled both ways i.e. you can also direct your Instagram followers to your Tiktok by inserting the Tiktok id or link in the Bio section of your profile which can be easily spotted by the interested followers. 

Strategies for using Tiktok and Reels 

Tiktok and Instagram are two social media giants that have a collective base of more than 1.8 billion users. We don’t even need statistics to prove that these platforms have caught the attention of marketers and are actually helping businesses grow in real-time and gaining customers.

Whether you are looking to expand your business or trying to increase your fan following, get the best of both worlds with these strategies.

#1 Embrace the trending content

The best way to really get the attention of existing followers and attract new ones is by imbibing the trends and creating videos accordingly. Go to the discover tab to get a glimpse of it. Consider choreographed dances or special video sequences around popular songs and trending topics. Yummy by Justin Beiber, Get Up by Ciara are some recent fads. Follow the right accounts within your niche to understand what’s popular. 

#2 Collaborate with influencers of similar interests

Influencers already have a wider reach and bigger audience and collaborating with one can get your business or brand into limelight. If you are not advertising, this is a shot way to get your profile noticed and gain recognition on social media. For instance, collaborating with beauty influencers is a great way to increase followers if you are into cosmetics business. Deciem’s The Ordinary saw a 426% hike in sales when they tied up with acne-positive teens. 

#3 Feature your Instagram feed on Tiktok and vice versa

Let your followers know that your content can be found on both leading platforms. Make a Tiktok video showcasing your Instagram stories or feeds and give a sneak peek to your followers on the content you post on Instagram for an effortless engagement growth. 

Don’t make a choice – this or that. Be on both platforms and find synergies. The audience is different and so are the opportunities. 

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