15 Top Tourist Attractions in Manchester (+ Insta-Worthy Spots!)

Visiting Manchester soon? You can’t miss these top tourist attractions and Insta-worthy spots in Manchester! From historic sites to charming architecture to amazing street art and more, Manchester is filled with incredible character, stories, and quirks.

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These are some of our favourite spots to recommend for Instagrammable Manchester…

1. John Rylands Library

John Rylands Library, at the University of Manchester, is a beauty for IG photos. Just remember it’s a working library! You don’t want to disturb students at work.

2. Northern Quarter Street Art

The street art in Manchester is a must-see! This city is known for its arts and music scene, and that isn’t restricted to indoor galleries or concert halls. Take to the streets of the hip Northern Quarter and grab some stunning Insta-worthy photos.

Of course, knowing where the best street art is located and the preferred angles for photos comes with our territory. An PicTours guide is your local all-access pass to the best IG pics…we promise! The Northern Quarter is also known for its eclectic food, so get some recos from your expert local guide whilst you’re here. Check out the most Instagrammable places in Manchester with us and get all the local insights you want!

3. Affleck’s

Affleck’s is a super stylish photo spot that you can’t miss in Manchester. Built in the Victorian era, the red brick style is already a fabulous backdrop for photos. But their indoor mosaics are also stunners and the eclectic shopping opportunities mean you can even do a quick wardrobe change during a photoshoot!

4. Mackie Mayor

One of Manchester’s top attractions, Mackie Mayor is an indoor food market in a beautiful historic building. Snap some pics and then grab a bite from any of the delightful food stalls!

5. University of Manchester

It’s not just the John Rylands Library that offers gorgeous backdrops — the whole University of Manchester is the perfect Insta-worthy spot in Manchester! Stunning architecture makes for the perfect scenery regardless of the weather…just bring a bright brolly if it rains.

6. Barton Arcade

Another Victorian-era building in Manchester, Barton Arcade boasts bustling shops and restaurants aplenty. The curved balconies, unique flooring, and glass-dome ceiling all make for fascinating backdrops in your photos.

7. Manchester Cathedral

Certainly a top attraction in Manchester, the Manchester Cathedral is right in city centre and a beauty of a building. Of course, don’t try to snap photos during a mass, but do enjoy the grandeur of the exterior from some Insta-worthy pics!

8. Manchester Town Hall

Not to be missed, Manchester Town Hall is another fabulous exterior to fill your frame! The clocktower is particularly beautiful, but the interior is genuinely jaw-dropping. Bring your camera and stand in awe!

9. Alan Turing Memorial

One of Manchester’s most enduring symbols, the Alan Turing Memorial is situated in Sackville Park, near the city’s gay village. Pay your respects and share this vital part of Manchester history with your IG followers back home.

10. Vimto Park

Okay, so Manchester is known for a lot of things…and one of the gifts this city has bestowed upon the world is Vimto! If you haven’t tried this berry-flavoured cordial, you haven’t lived. Vimto Park sits right next to the original Vimto factory.

The thing is: This isn’t just a pretty green space. In Vimto Park you’ll find one of Manchester’s top attractions: A giant Vimto bottle and its ingredients. It’s a must-see and a must-snap pic.

11. Castlefield

Beautiful Castlefield boasts plenty of perfect photo spots. With bars and restaurants all around, the canals and cobblestone streets make for an iconic Manchester setting for your photos. Enjoy the atmosphere in the summer months, especially, when events and outdoor activities abound.

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12. Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum is definitely a top attraction in the city. This behemoth of a museum is home to an astounding range of collections. But the building itself is also fascinating. The exterior is stunning for outdoor photoshoots, whilst the interior boasts classy columns, grand staircases, and beautiful balconies.

13. Manchester’s Chinatown

Did you know Manchester’s Chinatown is the second-largest Chinatown in the UK and the third largest in all of Europe? If you’re here for Chinese New Year, get ready for fabulous celebrations and gorgeous colours everywhere. Chinatown always makes for a top spot in Manchester, though, and especially for Insta-worthy pics!

14. Royal Exchange Theatre

Another top attraction in Manchester is the beautiful Royal Exchange Theatre. Its unique round structure makes for an intimate dramatic experience, should you have time to catch a show. The larger Royal Exchange Building houses the Great Hall, which was once the largest room in the world before it was bombed during WWII. The history of this grand structure is as jaw-dropping as its beauty. A passionate local guide can fill you in more during your Manchester Photo Tour!

15. St Peter’s Square

We couldn’t create a list of Insta-worthy spots in Manchester without including St Peter’s Square. Perhaps the most-photographed spot in the city, you’ll spot the iconic telephone boxes straight away. This is also a fabulous urban environment for IG pics, from the tram to the statue of the inimitable Emmeline Pankhurst to the city’s prominent buildings all round. Definitely stop in St Peter’s Square for photos in Manchester!

What do you think? Are you ready to join us for a Manchester Sightseeing Photography Tour and leave with some amazing Instagram photos to remember your travels? Then let’s do this! Grab your pals and join us for a fab adventure. Follow along on Instagram to see what we’re up to in the meantime!

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