PicTours launching in the UK

PicTours, the number 1 photography tour in Ireland according to Tripadvisor, are now expanding to the UK locations of Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions lifting, tourism can restart in the UK, helping tour operators reopen after a difficult 18 months. This expansion is a sign of rebounding confidence and options for staycationers to enjoy new types of tours linked to social media and photography.

On the tours, you are shown photography techniques to master the shot as well as practical Instagram skills so you can post your best picture. Examples include how to frame your photo, using lighting to the max with filters and how to play with angles. You are also brought to different spots that are deemed instagrammable, with hidden back streets giving the best surprises. 

Currently, PicTours are looking for Instagram experts to become their new guides, can see the job adverts here, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh. Key skills are photography experience, high usage of Instagram and a friendly approach. They get dozens of applicants for the role but it’s the ability of the guide to master Instagram and connect with the guests on the tour that provide the difference. 

The tours will be available from the 17th of May onwards in each of their locations, with all of the guides being trained virtually before the start date. They will also be scouting out the best secret Instagram spots in the cities to bring tourists once restrictions allow. Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool were picked for the first wave due to their high volume of tourists and photogenic city architecture. 

“We’ve had some difficult months with COVID shutting down everything, we only opened 4 months before COVID and we’ve been fully closed for 6 months since November” said Conor Mulloy, founder of PicTours. “Instead of being anxious and worrying about tourism, we decided to be proactive so we redesigned our systems, updated our brand/marketing offering and plotted our UK expansion for the planned Revenge Tourism trend

“I’m excited to get out and give tours again, it’s been a long wait. I’ve been honing my skills during the break and can’t wait to teach guests again on how to take the best Instagram photos, also that Dublin is alive again with tourists! On the UK expansion, I hope to get out myself when possible to enjoy a few PicTours in Britain”  said David Lowsley, one of InstaTour’s Dublin guides. 

PicTours plans to expand further into other cities in the UK throughout 2021, hoping to be at 10 by the end of the year, depending on COVID restrictions rollbacks, which would make it 13 overall between the UK and Ireland. The other cities have not yet been released but will be updated on their Instagram/website every two months. 

“It’s an exciting opportunity, our existing base of Ireland is a small market and the UK is one of the best places to visit as a tourist” said Conor Mulloy, Founder of PicTours, “It’s an unusual job to be advertising, very much a millennial new job created! It’s a sign of the times that all the time spent on Instagram can now be turned into marketable skills that can benefit other people. Hopefully we can get some Instagram addicts applying and we can’t wait to work with them to delight guests in the UK and help them shoot amazing Instagrams.”. 

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