Dublin’s Most Instagrammable Irish Pubs: A Guide to Picture-Perfect Pint Spots


Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, is known for its rich history, friendly people, and, of course, its traditional Irish pubs. These cozy and character-filled establishments offer the perfect backdrop for capturing your Irish experience on Instagram. Whether you’re a local looking for a new place to frequent or a tourist searching for the ultimate photo opportunity, we’ve curated a list of Dublin’s most Instagrammable Irish pubs. So grab your camera and get ready to explore these charming and picturesque pubs that will make your followers green with envy!

  1. The Temple Bar

No list of Instagrammable Dublin pubs is complete without mentioning The Temple Bar. Located in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Bar district, this iconic pub boasts a vibrant red exterior that is an instant attention-grabber. The cobblestone streets, colorful storefronts, and lively atmosphere provide countless photo opportunities. The Temple Bar’s interior is equally captivating with its cozy corners, traditional decor, and live music that creates a lively and inviting atmosphere.

  1. The Horseshoe Bar at The Shelbourne

For a more upscale and refined Instagram experience, head to The Horseshoe Bar at The Shelbourne, Autograph Collection. This historic hotel bar, with its elegant marble bar and plush seating, offers a sophisticated atmosphere that’s perfect for capturing your refined taste in cocktails and surroundings. Whether you’re sipping on a classic cocktail or a beautifully crafted Irish whiskey, you’re sure to capture the perfect shot.

  1. The Stag’s Head

The Stag’s Head is a classic Victorian-era pub that’s sure to transport you back in time. With its ornate woodwork, stained glass, and antique mirrors, this pub offers endless Instagram-worthy moments. Make sure to snap a picture of the iconic stag’s head mounted on the wall as well as the cozy snugs where you can relax with your friends.

  1. The Brazen Head

Known as Dublin’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head is full of history and charm. The traditional Irish facade and lush greenery outside provide a charming introduction to the cozy interior. The dimly lit, rustic ambiance makes for excellent Instagram photos, and the live folk music adds to the pub’s timeless appeal.

  1. The Church

Imagine sipping your pint in a beautifully restored church turned into a pub. The Church offers a unique and visually stunning setting for your Instagram photos. The high ceilings, stained glass windows, and ornate architecture make it a must-visit spot. Capture the grandeur of this pub and its vibrant atmosphere that often includes live music and cultural events.

  1. The Long Hall

The Long Hall is renowned for its perfectly preserved Victorian interior. The mahogany bar, ornate glasswork, and antique fixtures create a stunning backdrop for your photos. Whether you’re enjoying a drink by the bar or cozying up in one of the snug corners, this pub’s timeless beauty will impress your followers.

  1. O’Donoghue’s

O’Donoghue’s is a renowned traditional Irish pub and a favorite among locals and visitors alike. It’s famous for its live Irish music sessions, making it an excellent place to capture the spirit of Dublin’s lively pub culture. The charming exterior and the cozy interior with its live music make it an ideal spot for Instagram-worthy moments.


Dublin’s Irish pubs are not just for enjoying a pint of Guinness but also for capturing memories that will last a lifetime on your Instagram feed. From historic establishments to unique settings, each of these pubs offers something special to make your photos stand out. So, the next time you’re in Dublin, be sure to explore these Instagrammable Irish pubs, and don’t forget to raise a glass to toast to the perfect shot! Sláinte!

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