We love having English language students on PicTours. It’s a wonderful way to see and explore a new city with friends. We regularly get large group bookings from schools, summer camps or just groups of friends. It’s especially busy during the summer or Easter when more language students visit Ireland or the UK. Here we list all the benefits to an English language school or group booking an InstaTour. 

It’s not language specific 

PicTours focuses on photography and Instagram skills. It’s an international language! We mostly show this by actions and demonstrations. This works really well when English is still at an intermediate level or below. Example of sample tips we give would be angles, colours, contrast and framing as well as Instagram tips. This benefits the students in making them feel comfortable with the full tour accessible for every level. They can follow with their eyes and try to do it themselves. If there are difficulties, we usually show the right way and they can copy the actions. This makes it easy for every international student to participate, learn and enjoy.  

Dublin Instagram tours

Group prices make it accessible

There is rapid inflation happening in 2022 which is makes activities more expensive. PicTours is an excellent value activity compared to other options. We constantly run offers depending on location, group size and time of day. If you email [email protected] with this information, then we can send back a quote within 24 hours. Our regular singular retail price is 19.75, our group rate is usually maximum 10e per person. Depending on different factors, it can be lower. 

PicTours for english language learners

We go at a time that suits you

Our minimum group size is 10 people. For all of 8 cities, we can go at a time that fits your schedule. This is especially useful if you have other activities lined up for your day or need flexibility. If an activity is running late then we can adjust the InstaTour to start when you’re ready on the day also (provided there are no other bookings on the day). We just need the contact details of the organiser to stay in contact. If your group is over 20, we usually split into two groups so everyone gets enough time with the InstaGuide to get their best photos. This flexibility helps with your planning. 

School activity

Learn new skills, make new friends. 

Shared experiences bond people. PicTours is a great casual opportunity to meet other people and learn skills together. This helps grow a group together and have fun. Usually the best conversations happen when people are walking along and chatting about something they’re doing together. There’s usually lots of smiles, not just for the photos. We also pair people in groups to take pictures of each other which can break the ice. 

At the end, every participant has new Instagram and photography skills that they can use for the future. Excellent for exploring your new destinations and locations. 

English language group tour

Matches interest of Generation Z. 

Typically, English language learners are now from Generation Z. They have grown up with Instagram and other social media outlets. It’s an enjoyable experience and pastime. They regularly spend a lot of time on it also! Each new place they visit, they want to get photos and update their Instagram to show their great experience. PicTours streamlines this happening with the opportunity to see hidden spots and learn the secrets of an influencer. 

This activity matches their interests, they will enjoy it and it’s ideal to come away with new photography techniques which will please the education minded. 

English language student activity

See your new city

You will see hidden photographic gems of any city. Usually English language students are in a location for a short time. We help find the hidden photographic gems that get the best photos of a city. This is actually quite difficult to do without an InstaGuide or a lot of time and research! We make your life easier in walking you to the top and hidden best spots of a city in 90 minutes. Also you learn some history about each area before the photography/Instagram tips. 

Dublin PicTours

Content for English Language school

One of the best ways to market your English language school or camp is user generated content. We train your students on an InstaTour to take the best pictures they can and use all the tips/tricks on Instagram to reach a greater audience. The trick is to tag your Instagram/Facebook page also so your brand and mission is exposed to a larger audience. Also on a tour, we regularly take a lot of photos that we share back with the school. This is then used on their social media. The content teams have always been delighted to receive this as it makes their life easier in sharing updates. 

PicTours group

We’re now available in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol. 

Email us on [email protected] to get your quote and book your tour.

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