Meet the Extraordinary PicTours Guides: Unveiling the Faces Behind the Lens

Meet the Extraordinary PicTours Guides: Unveiling the Faces Behind the Lens

When you embark on an PicTours adventure, you’re not just exploring captivating cities; you’re accompanied by talented guides who are passionate photographers and storytellers. These guides go above and beyond to make your tour unforgettable, capturing the essence of each city through their lens. Let’s meet some of the extraordinary PicTours guides who make your experience truly magical.

Dublin: David – The Photography Maestro

David is a born and raised Dubliner, and his love for photography has been an integral part of his life for the past seven years. As the owner of his own photography business, Lowsley Photography, David specializes in fitness, food, and weddings. His Instagram journey has been an adventure of meeting amazing people and advertising his business. David is not just a guide; he’s a mentor who loves helping people capture their special moments and build their confidence in photography. Whether it’s finding the perfect angle or using Instagram to boost activity on your page, David is the go-to person. He also shares his love for Dublin, offering unique perspectives that will leave you mesmerized.

Follow David on Instagram: @david.lowsley and check out his photography business: Lowsley Photography

Dublin: Anupama – The Aesthete’s Eye

Anupama is an aesthete at heart, finding solace in art in all its forms, especially through paintings and photographs. Her passion for photography dates back 15 years when she experimented with a cheap phone’s low-quality camera. Since then, her enthusiasm for photography has only grown stronger. Working as an PicTours photo tour guide allows her to express her love for photography in the most fulfilling way. Anupama has a knack for capturing the beauty of nature, and her eye for framing creates breathtaking images. Explore Dublin through her lens, and be inspired by her artistic perspective.

Follow Anupama on Instagram: @mepurplelicious

Edinburgh: Vasileios – The Globetrotting Storyteller

Meet Vasileios Vasakos, a freelance photographer from Greece with a passion for capturing the world’s beauty. His photographic journey began during his trips around the globe, and Instagram helped him showcase his work and forge new collaborations. Vasileios combines his love for photography with his hobby of hiking, adding an adventurous touch to his craft. As a guide in Edinburgh, he weaves powerful stories through his photos, discovering hidden gems in the old city. With Vasileios, you’ll not only explore the stunning landscape but also take home an album filled with Instagrammable souvenirs from your journey.

Follow Vasileios on Instagram: @vasakos_3vh (portrait photography) and @vasakoshots (landscape photography)

Edinburgh guide Vasileios

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The PicTours guides are more than just photographers; they are storytellers who bring the cities to life through their lens. Whether you choose Dublin or Edinburgh, you’ll be in the hands of talented guides who will make your tour an unforgettable experience. Follow them on Instagram, check out their work, and get ready to embark on a photography journey like no other. Book your PicTours adventure today and let these extraordinary guides reveal the magic of their cities to you!

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