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About the job

We have launched Ireland’s first walking tour for taking Instagram pictures (www.pictours.ie or Instagram @_pictours__). Our mission is to help people take beautiful Instagram pictures of Dublin through a walking tour. We have now expanded to 5 cities in UK and Ireland, we have 2 guides in Dublin and want another to ensure we can cover all tours on weekdays and weekends.

Our values:

  • Go to the best Instagrammable spots
  • Show how to take amazing pictures
  • Teach great Instagram skills
  • Share stories about Dublin.


You will be giving a tour that is 1hr30 and take in the top 5-7 Instagram spots of the city. You will be leading a group size of max 15 people on each tour to ensure 1×1 attention. You will start the tours on weekdays at 10.30am at Dublin city centre and expand depending on demand. We are open on locations with your input but they need to be within walking distance of each other.

Marketing and team:

Our main target of customers is Transition year classes, English Language schools and Tripadvisor sales. From September to May, the main focus is Transition Year schools which typically go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10.30am. English Language Schools and Tripadvisor are May to September and go at 2pm at weekends.

We are now looking to partner with an Instagram Photography Expert to guide people through the wonderful beauty spots of Dublin city.

What you will gain from this:

  • An opportunity to build your social media presence of photography in partnering with an emerging tourist brand. You will increase your follows and interactions on your own posts and build your own brand.
  • A flat fee for each tour. It’s a sliding scale depending on group size, ranging from 40e per tour to 100e per tour. The most regular fee is 60e for between 16 and 35 people on a tour.
  • Flexible working hours + ability to do this job on the side. This is a regular freelance role and fits around your other work
  • You will get full training, mentoring and shadowing from our existing guides to build you up to be the best Instagram Tour guide you can be.
  • You will have a chance to follow your passion of photography and be paid to achieve your dreams. You will be interacting with people and helping create their best pictures.

Your duties would include:

  • Giving a walking tour of 1hr30 minutes. This will usually start on weekdays at 10.30am and the location is expected to be at Dublin City centre. You will be expected to turn up 10 minutes early.
  • You will have a checklist of people on the tour and make sure everyone turns up.
  • Introducing yourself at the start of the tour and explaining what will happen on tour. For example, which locations, what you’ll be showing them to do on Instagram and how long it will take.
  • Helping tourists take photos of the beauty spots. This includes tips on filtering, editing, angles, lighting etc. Spending time with each individual as you see fit during the tour.
  • Providing sample captions,
  • Giving stock photos if needed (especially if bad weather),
  • Other Instagram tips and generally chatting to people.
  • You would be responsible for taking a group photo and posting on the Instagram Page to bring it to a further audience.
  • You will have to ask the tourists to give a Tripadvisor review at the end of the tour.

Your profile:

  • You will be passionate about photography and active on Instagram. You are an expert in editing and optimising photos.
  • You will have a portfolio of photography to share.
  • You will be friendly, approachable and able to make people feel welcome. This extends to story-telling while guiding people on the tour. You will be able to build rapport easily.
  • You will be available to give tours on weekdays.

Desirable but not necessary:

  • Past experience of giving tours
  • Past professional work or training as a photographer
  • Used Instagram to build your following over 3k followers.
  • Additional languages spoken (Irish or Spanish preferably)

If you feel that you would enjoy this role then apply with your Instagram profile or photography portfolio with your CV and will set up a meeting face to face or video call to talk through how you can benefit from this opportunity. Send this to [email protected]

This position is open to people with EU passport, stamp 4, stamp 1G or stamp 1.

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